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George foreman rotisserie

The George Foreman Rotisserie can be used in many different ways to cook healthy meals such as meats, seafood and vegetables. There are currently two versions of the rotisserie, the george junior which you can pick up for around 80 dollars which is able to cook up to a 12 pound turkey and the baby george which costs a little less at around 60 dollars but the george baby rotisserie will only be able to cook up to around 5 pounds of meat.

The George Foreman Rotisserie are white and have a glass door and they are not too bulky so there an ideal size for your kitchen. All the parts that come with the rotisserie are removable so once you have used it to cook meals you can simply take all the parts out to clean. Remember to always clean all the removable parts after every meal so that your meats and dinners continue to taste delicious and of course to avoid any germs, do this and your Rotisserie will continue to serve you very well for a very long time.

George foreman rotisserie Contents

When you purchase a george foreman rotisserie it comes with kebab skewers, a drip tray, a baking tray, roasting basket, a grilling basket and also a recipe guide and a few tools to help you to remove hot meats and other items to prevent you from burning your hands. The grilling basket is a great part of the package as you can use it for any other types of food that you would not usually use on the spit such as certain meats like chicken and even salmon. The kebab skewers are also very handy because you can use these to cook slices of chicken and different vegatables and the best thing is they are very healthy and simple to cook.

The results you get from using the george foreman rotisserie will be quite surprisingly good because it cooks meat such as chicken evenly as it rotates it on the spit so this style of cooking is deemed as a very simple and economical way of cooking meals. Once you start the rotisserie you simply leave it for the required time and then come back and your nice hot tasty chicken or vegatables will be ready for you.

If your considering buying a George foreman rotisserie then your not going to dissapointed as long as you follow the guidelines above like making sure you wash and maintain your rotisserie after every meal then it will last for a very long time. The rotisserie will easily pay for itself in a short time by saving you time cooking meals but remaining healthy and filling at the same time, also if you have any left overs from your dinners you can easily use them for your lunch the next day so that will save you money that way as well.

So if your looking for ways to cook quick meals but importantly keeping them filling and healthy then the George foreman rotisserie is the perfect solution for you.

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